Age group

10-12 years

Primary CMS area

2. Managing relationships

Other CMS areas

4. Managing life and career

Unit Description

This unit works self-known through two activities. In the first, the students explore the aspects and vocabulary to take into account in a process of self-knowledge and in the second activity, it is the students the same who performs, through their own production, their self-known process.

Activity 1. Name of the activity

Learning outcomes

General objective:

  1. Identify the key aspects as well as strengths that make up the personal profile itself.

Specific objectives:

  1. Learn how to analyze a professional profile, considering competencies, skills, interests or occupational values.
  2. Understand the self-knowledge process as a key aspect in the design of the Life and Professional Project.
  3. Know how to describe, using different resources (texts, images), the personal profile itself.

Activity Name



The unit is structured into two activities. In the first, students access (through a link) an application in which, in a gamified way, it explores the different elements that make up a personal profile from a guidance perspective (personality, skills and competencies, occupational values and interests).
In the second activity, students are asked to carry out their own self-knowledge process, also incorporating an aspirational component (and you… What do you want to be when you are older?). For the realization of this activity two possible production formats (physical or digital) are contemplated. Through these productions, students will need to explain what they are like, what are their strengths are and what are their weaknesses, as well as expose what they would like to pursue in the future and why, putting this objective in relation to their personal profile.
This unit can be done in a single session or expand, the time dedicated by incorporating a presentation to the class group, by each student.

Learning materials

SelfNet (on line) 

Trapped dreams (físic and online)


Activity duration 60 minutes:

  1. 5 minutes – Presentation of the activity
  2. 20 minutes – SelfNet game play.
  3. 5 minutes – Explanation of production production (physical or digital)
  4. 30 minutes – Elaboration of the production of the dream catcher or digital mashup.

In addition, the teacher may dedicate a session (60 minutes) to the presentation by the students of their personal profile productions.

Role of the Teachers

The teacher will facilitate and supervise the activity and manage the time necessary to carry out the activity.


1. Personal effectiveness

  • I know myself and I know what I’m good at. 
  • I can reflect on my strengths and take into account my weaknesses 
  • Managing life and career 
    • I can decide and set professional goals for myself by setting appropriate deadlines to achieve them 
    • I am innovative and creative in the way I think about work, training and my life


The evaluation of the activity will be continuous, during the game will use the observation to define whether the objectives initially raised are being achieved through it.
Likewise, the teacher will be able to assess the achievement of the objectives through the productions that the students will make, in the second phase of the activity.