From hobby to job

Age group

10-12 years

Primary CMS area

1. Personal effectiveness

Other CMS areas

Unit Description

This unit is designed to encourage pupils to use self-discovery to investigate how their hobbies and interests can relate to careers. Pupils complete this activity individually. The person facilitating the activity will answer questions and support pupils as they explore how the skills and experiences they may gain through hobbies and interests can be transferred to the world of work.

Learning outcomes

General Aim: 

  • To relate hobbies and interests to careers 

Specific Objectives: 

  • Pupils will identify 5 hobbies or interests that they have 
  • Pupils will identify how their interests/hobbies may come in handy in the future 
  • Pupils will match careers to interests 
  • Pupils will match their interests/hobbies to careers

Activity Name

From Hobby to Job


An individual worksheet-based student activity.

Pupils are given a worksheet to complete. They begin by selecting all of the interests/hobbies that apply to them from the worksheet. Next, the pupils match a selection of careers listed in the worksheet to particular interests Following this, they choose their top 5 interests/hobbies from the list and identify careers that connect to their interests.


Introduce the activity – 4 minutes
Complete activity sheet – 30 minutes
Discuss the results – 10 – 15 minutes * Alternatively, teachers can collect the completed worksheets from students and mark these.

Role of the teachers

Introduce the activity, facilitate the activity, and lead the discussion of results/mark papers.


Personal Effectiveness: 

  1.  I know who I am and what I am good at 
  2. I’m able to reflect on my strengths and address my weaknesses. 
  3. I make effective decisions relating to my life, learning and work. 
  4.  can review my skills in relation to what employers are looking for


Assessment is by observation and by reviewing the students’ completed worksheets.