The project Consortium involves 9 partners from 6 different European Countries.
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CMBRAE - project coordinator

Centrul de Resurse şi Asistenţă Educaţională al Municipiului Bucureşti – Municipal Centre of Resources and Educational Assistance Bucharest (CMBRAE) is an educational institution providing counselling to all schools of the city and the metropolitan area. The mission of CMBRAE is the development of guidance skills and attitudes of students, parents and teachers.



Institute of Educational Sciences is a national institution for research, development, innovation and training in the fields of education and youth, related unit of the Ministry of Education in Romania.
IES is actively developing collaborations and partnerships with public and private institutions concerned with research, education and youth organisations and national and international associations and governmental structures in the field: ministries and government agencies, school inspectors and teachers houses, companies and civil society organisations in the country and abroad. Our main public are coming from a wide range of institutions and organisations: policy makers, schools and universities, teachers, parents, children, youth and adults engaged in lifelong learning.
Our researchers have relevant experience in developing research projects in various areas: as such: curriculum theory, education, preschool education, alternative education, youth and education policy, school management, evaluation, education of children at risk, adult education, vocational continuous counseling and guidance.
To date, the Institute has actively implemented national and international projects in education and youth, has developed curricula and teacher training, conducted pilot projects in innovative areas of learning.



University of Florence

The Department of Education and Psychology of University of Florence deals with research and dissemination of cutting edge knowledge among actual and future teachers in pre-primary, primary, secondary and VET schools. We study and experiment training processes, be them individual, group based or within complex organization and at the level community relations, with a particular view on people’s lifelong and lifewide learning and development. The focus also is on cultural and social contexts, and we have a  particular interest on contributing to a smart, inclusive and sustainable Europe thanks to education and training.

The Department’s institutional tasks are:

  • Research
  • Education and training
  • Knowledge transfer and internationalization of research
  • Inter and trans-disciplinary innovative approach to research and teaching.

Centro Studi Pluriversum

Centro Studi Pluriversum is an Italian private company, engaged in the field of career education and career counselling, which has planned, provided services and managed projects within the PES, guidance and education system in Italy and within European projects for more than 15 years.


IC di Maniago

The Comprehensive School of Maniago, created on 1st September 2012 as a result of the unification of the Primary and Lower Secondary Schools of Maniago, operates in order to disseminate inside the Institution the European experience of the former Circolo Didattico, which has implemented European projects since 1996. The Institute brings together four nursery schools, four primary schools and two lower secondary schools, located in the municipalities of Maniago, Frisanco and Vivaro. It has a school population of about 1300 students, of whom more than 200 are from Africa, Balkans, India, Bangladesh and China. The total number of teachers is about 150. The Institute’s activities are aimed at training boys and girls belonging to an age group ranging from 3 to 14 years.

In 2012, the primary school coordinated the partnership “SCIENTIFIC MIND IN EUROPE”, which was recognised as Star Project in the Milky Way of European projects. In 2013-2014 the primary school participated in the multilateral partnership “WIDENING THE FUTURE” aimed at developing early career guidance actions to fight school drop-out rates. From 2015 to 2018 our Comprehensive School was coordinator in the strategic partnership ERASMUS KA2 – I KNOW WHAT I WANT TO BE. In 2013/2014 it obtained the grant for Erasmus KA1 School Education Staff Mobility and also in the current school year it is going to repeat the mobility experience with a new project, “5Ls” (LET’S LIVE LIKE LIFELONG LEARNERS).


VIA University College

VIA University College, located in the Central region of Denmark, educates future engineers, designers, teachers, education specialists, nurses among others. We offer more than 40 degree programmes at eight campusses across the region. VIAs faculty of further education has more than 20,000 annual participants in programmes on diploma, academy profession and master degree level. This means that we are the largest institution for further education in Northern Europe. Through research and development, we make sure that our programmes are based on the latest knowledge. In addition, we help develop the society for which we educate students. We cooperate closely with public and private companies and help develop industries and societal solutions.

United Kingdom


CASCAID is a UK based EdTech provider and a leading producer of careers information and guidance technology solutions. We help anyone, anywhere in the world create a successful future through self-knowledge, exploration and planning. Established in 1969, CASCAID has taken part in many EU projects that support research and development of quality careers education programmes and today supports over 1.5 million users each year via its technology platforms.


DEP Institut

DEP Institut is an organisation specialised in strategic, sociologic and marketing research and information in the field of education, training and work with more than 15 years of experience working at the local, regional, state and European levels.


Ozel Bilkent Ortaokulu

The Özel Bilkent Middle School is part of the private education sector in Turkey, which provides a large portion of its quality education. The word ‘private’ when applied to schools covers those institutions which are foundation schools, as well as schools owned by individual proprietors. The Özel Bilkent Middle School is not-for-profit and part of the Ihsan Dogramaci Foundation, governed by a School Board which sets the policy and budget. The Özel Bilkent Middle School, despite the epithet ‘private’, is an integral part of the national education system, governed by a separate Ministry of Education department, the Private Schools Directorate, which regulates the functioning of such establishments. The School is also officially recognised as International Baccalaureate (IB) World School.