I set my own goals

Age group

10-12 years

Primary CMS area

Unit 4. Managing life and career

Other CMS areas

Finding and accessing opportunities 

Understanding the world

Unit Description

This unit aim is to help students reflect about their personal and professional future. The proposal wants to develop in children a global vision about new possibilities of living their life, using skills, talents and wishes but also, being in contact with parts of the adult reality -family, money, hobbies, leisure, healthy and so. 

The activity has an inner approach and also puts the students in the situation to clarify personal and professional ways to design their life, to set goals, to reflect on the type of activities which are proper to achieve their objectives. The teacher has to be a link between the inner world and the external dimension in order to encourage students to choose, compare, analyse and establish new life ways of living according their personality in future world. The second activity is about finding the link between goals, actions and skills and helps children to create a personal vision about the possibility to achieve the goals using the opportunities offered by education, environment, motivation.

Activity 1. I Set My Own Goals

Learning outcomes

General objective:  – To reflect on life dimensions, personal and professional Specific objectives:
  • To be in contact with what they are and what they want for themselves
  • To explore different life dimensions: family, career, friends, money, leisure
  • Put into play different transversal skills such as critical thinking or teamwork through gamification.

Activity Name

I set my own goals


The teacher will spread a worksheet- The Line of Life. This sheet includes a line with marked ages, from 10 to 10, up to 80 years.

Children are asked to imagine their life in different stages and to focus on what they want to achieve as adults, personal and professional goals. 

They could choose a moment in future (a particular age) and, for it, they will set goals concerning the domains: family, career, money, friends, clothes, leisure, sports, hobbies, travel, emotions.

The application will be resolved individual after the teacher will give the instructions. The students will present in front of the group. 


Think about your future. Imagine what your life will look like. Choose a particular age. Mark on your Line of Life sheet. Consider the dimensions / areas of life below: Family, Career, Money, Free time, Emotions, Friends. For each domain – make a suggestive draw, a symbol, write a single word that suggests how you would like it to be this aspect of your life in the future or explain what you expect to happen.


1 hour:
  • Introduction given by the teacher, spreading sheets. Instructions transmitted from the teacher. (10 minutes)
  • Individual solving, reflection. (15 minutes)
  • Self-presentation (20 minutes)
  • Conclusions (5 minutes)

Role of the Teachers

Facilitate and oversee the activity, motivate, encourages, time control and facilitate the self-presentation/ exposure


1 Personal Effectiveness
  • I can review my skills in relation to what employers are looking for
2 Managing relationships
  • I understand the need to use social media to network for my (future) career.


Being a reflective thinker:
 Let the students reflect their inferences from their experiences in this course with 120 words as a Twitter sentence.