Connections – The world of Work

Age group

8-10 years

Primary CMS area

1. Personal effectiveness

Other CMS areas

Managing Life and Career and Finding Work and Accessing Learning

Unit Description

This unit is designed to broaden pupils’ horizons and have them understand how different job roles relate to one another. It is also intended to illustrate to pupils the variety of options they have to apply their skills or have a career in a particular industry. The unit explores questions such as: How many different job roles does it take to make a company/industry work? What kind of job roles exist in all companies/industries? How many different job roles involve working with (animals/art/cars, etc.)

Learning outcomes

General Aim: 

  • Gain an understanding of how job roles are related to one another 


Specific Objectives: 

Identify the different job roles associated with one industry/type of work 

Identify the different tasks performed by the people in the job roles identified 

  • Identify at least three different industries/areas where they could work in their chosen field 
  • Some pupils will identify the different ways that people in different roles support each other’s work

Activity Name

Name of the activity.


A small group of activity.
Students work in small groups (3 – 4) to identify the different job roles associated with a particular industry/theme/ or work activity. Once the groups have completed the activity, each group presents their findings to the class.

Learning materials

This Basic classroom materials only:


Illustrate the activity using an example and set up the activity – 5 – 10 minutes Student activity (small group – 3 – 4) – 30 minutes: Show and tell – 10 – 15 minutes

Role of the teachers

Introduce the activity using an example – The idea is to have pupils understand that they may be able to pursue a career in a field that they love. For example, they may not get to be a race car driver, but they may be able to promote racing events as a marketer.

Facilitate the groups of students as they complete the activity

Control the timings

Facilitate the group presentations


Personal Effectiveness:

  1. I am able to set myself career goals
  2. I generate ideas that help me to achieve my goals
  3. I remain positive when facing setbacks and I stay positive for the future.

Managing Life and Career

  1. I am innovative and creative in my thinking about my work, learning and life Finding Work and Accessing Learning
  2. I can find work or learning opportunities that are right for me


Assess pupils’ work through observation and questioning.