Summer news from Jobland

We are very happy to share with you the last updates of the project and to share the success of the final European event which took place online in June. 

As part of the JOBLAND project, partners explored the potential of gamification approaches with the development of a career-learning game. The game mimiks a trip to an imaginary city (called JOBLAND)
where pupils are guided in a digital visit and are asked to do specific small activities which allow them to collect clues. Clues are then used to solve a challenge.
The game consists of a digital audio-visual product, a video available here in different languages with time dedicated to activities. A narrator guides the visit which is supported by animations of the different
locations of the city. In the different locations, pupils meet professionals from different economic sectors and are asked to reflect and actively work on several aspects of career learning.
To promote the pupils’ engagement, they are given a worksheet aligned with the video with areas dedicated to the activities to be done.
The structure of the game allows a variety of flexible uses. This can be used in a class activity but also as an online distance activity.
The activity was adapted to different languages and piloted online in the first week of June in Italy, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Denmark and the United Kingdom with great success as teachers and pupils reported great engagement of the students who followed simultaneously the “trip” watching the Youtube premier of the video. All the materials are available on the project website:

To close the wonderful JOBLAND adventure, an international event took place on the 8th of June and involved nearly 200 participants from all over Europe. During the event the adventure of the JOBLAND project was presented with special focus on the theoretical background on early career development and on the resources available to teachers of the partner countries.
The video of the event is available online here:

As a fundamental activity of the project, the JOBLAND team worked to empower teachers with the creation of an innovative Training course for teachers on early career learning. The course was developed by the research group of University of Florence which created a proposal of 2.5 ECTS.
A demo, online version of the training was then piloted during June and July 2021 with more than 50 participants from different countries in Europe. Moodle was used as an e-learning platform and the course offered both synchronous and asynchronous sessions where teachers could explore different modules on these topics:
1. Discovering career education
2. Engaging in career education
3. (Co)-creating a Career Education Program
4. Implementing Career Education Program
5. Evolving Career Education Program
The training proposal is one of the 5 outputs of the JOBLAND project which we hope could represent a step forward to empower teachers in their daily activities with pupils.