JOBLAND – Teaching skills and resources for improving career learning at schools

JOBLAND project – Teaching skills and resources for improving career learning at schools, having the pleasure to inform you regarding an example of a career learning unit practice linked with Intellectual Output IO3 – DESIGN MY FUTURE – Career Learning Units and Video-tutorials.
The learning unit is carried out in two sessions in Zoom platform. In the first session, students are asked to analyse the professions require common and different skills. They discussed in the groups which skills are only required for a particular job or profession, and common skills that can be used in different professions and jobs are also core skills.
In the second lesson, students play a well-known time capsule game that will propel them forward 10-15 years. They have completed the education of their dream job. They tried to visualize and color as much as possible: What are you doing? What kind of work environment?
The important part is here that they realize which skills are necessary for their dream job. They are asked to make connections with skills from the previous lesson: Which skills would be beneficial for them? How could they to improve those skills? What can be a draft plan for it? What would be their first step towards achieving this plan in their life right now?
Teacher can use effective listening strategies for similarities and differences in a practice of the current learning unit plan, and also be a facilitator with using inquiry to explore connection between professions and skills. Career Learning Units will be available on the project website: