My little universe

Age group

6-8 years

Primary CMS area

1. Personal effectiveness

Other CMS areas

I know who I am and what I am good at.

Unit Description

This unit is meant to help pupils to discover their hobbies, the games and the activities they prefer, using animation and images. Every pupil will present by drawing his own hobby, game or the activity he prefers. Using the role play (“Chess and my friend”) the pupils will discover the benefit of practicing an hobby (well being, developing self-confidence and abilities, pleasant way to spend spare time, discovering own talents, passions, the opportunity to gain new friends that practice the same activities and hobbies).

Learning outcomes

General objective

  • To identify hobbies, games and activities they prefer, according to their age.

Specific objectives

  • To reflect on their own hobbies, games and preferred activities. 
  • To present their own hobbies, games and preferred activities. 
  • To reflect on the benefits of practicing a hobby or a preferred activity.

Activity Name

“My little universe”


For the beginning the pupils will watch an animation that presents different hobbies and activities preferred by children between 6-8 years.
In pairs, pupils will solve puzzles that present images of different hobbies, others than the ones presented at the begging in the animation. Then, every pupil will draw a hobby, a game or an activity they prefer.
The drawings will be exhibited inside the classroom. The pupils will be encouraged to address questions to their colleagues regarding their drawings.
A group of pupils will express in a role play the benefits of practicing a preferred activity or a hobby. The group of pupils will be selected based on children’s preferences or can be selected by the teacher.
Depending on pupils’ age, the scenario will be created by the pupils or will be proposed by the teacher. At the end every pupil will select the emotion experienced during this activity on an activity sheet that presents eight emotions.