Class jobs

Age group

6-8 years

Primary CMS area

Area 3 – Finding and accessing work

Other CMS areas

Area 4 – Managing life and career 

Unit Description

The unit aims at  helping children to:
  • understand that everyone must take on tasks and responsibilities so that a community operates
  • understand that the class  is a small community that also works with the contribution of the students themselves

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the class’ needs
  • Identify the tasks, individual and collective, that everyone must carry out so that everything works well (in accordance with the pupils’ needs)
  • Define the tasks  to be associated to the jobs
  • Take on small responsibilities for class management
  • Choose and accept the assignment  and the tasks to be performed
  • Carry out the tasks related to the job  undertaken  with responsibility
  • Establish the period for carrying out the assignment so as to guarantee the rotation for all the students or at least a good part of them
  • Self-evaluate the work carried out both at the level of personal and group assignments
  • Self-assess the assignment and the related tasks in order to  highlight problems or propose improvements / suggest procedures

Activity Name



The teacher will read the story THE COUNTRY WITHOUT RULES “Would you like to live like you want without having to obey anyone, without respecting any prohibition, doing everything you like? (…) Allegropoli is a rather particular country: its citizens do not respect the rules, because they do not like the rules: they find them annoying. (…) Mr. Zozzoni is walking with his dog on a leash. Boby poops on the sidewalk, but Mr. Zozzoni does not want to bend down to pick it up, although the Mayor has put around the signs ordering it, with bags and pallets. Dr. Irritati does not notice and puts a foot on it … “(story taken from THE RULES TOLD TO CHILDREN by G.Colombo & M.Morpurgo, Edizioni Feltrinelli Kids) The teacher will ask the pupils what are the places where they can be together (family, school, …) and will focus on family first asking the question ” what should be done in order to make family work?”. The teacher will then focus the pupils’ attention on school and will ask the question: what should be done to make school work well? At this point the teacher will focus the discussion on the class, asking the pupils to think of what could be done to make their class work well. Once the need to assume small responsibilities for class management has emerged, the pupils will be encouraged to find activities to which everyone will have to commit (shared and individual tasks) to manage activities. For each assignment the tasks will be identified and a poster will be created (see proposal below)